Unité, our member organisations and the international network of volunteer organisations regularly examine the relevance and impact of personnel development cooperation. Based on studies, evaluations and exchanges of experience, we are constantly working to improve our engagement and make it even more effective.

On this page you find all the latest studies from Unité and from our network, which are available in English. However, most of our studies are only available in German and/or French. To access them, please refer to the respective pages.

Studies in German
Studies in French

Studies on the impact of personnel development cooperation

The following impact studies and management responses are made available on request to interested partners:

Summary: Impact analysis Guinea SAM global (2018)
PDF 970.6 KB
Sustainability of Comundo's PDC assignments in Latin America (2017)
PDF 300.8 KB

Studies on the subject of fragile contexts

Final report: E-learning project in fragile contexts (2023)
PDF 2.6 MB
What form PDC in the pursuit of peace in fragile contexts? (2016)
PDF 560.7 KB

Studies on the subject of reciprocity

Guide for South-South and South-North exchanges in personnel development cooperation (2015)
PDF 476.7 KB
Templates for the instruments mentioned in the guide
ZIP 643.0 KB

Studies conducted by our network

COVID-19 and the Future of Volunteering for Development (2021)
PDF 6.4 MB
The impact of Covid-19 on the Unité international volunteering network (2020)
PDF 546.0 KB
Experiences of Unité volunteers in the 2020 pandemic (2020)
PDF 597.8 KB